Here I will upload all the units, with exercises, examples and sheets.

This is a little presentation to introduce VISUAL ARTS.


◦NO BOOK. We use my blog:

◦Bound Notebook DIN-A4 with White papers  (squares or lines are forbidden)

◦45º and 60º degrees set squares. ◦30-cm rule.

◦ A hard folder to transport drawing papers, rules and set-squares.

◦Compass (whith inner Wheel)and Nail file (to sharpen the compass)

◦Soft pencil 2B well sharpened. (or propelling pencil with leads)

◦Hard pencil HB well sharpened. (or propelling pencil with leads) ◦Sharpener.

◦Eraser or rubber

◦Adhesive tape

◦Colour pencil.

◦Felt pens or markers.


◦Glue stick.


1º Term: Geometry

Unit 1: Vocabulary, Thales, proportion and polygons

Unit 2: Tangents and links

Unit 3: 2d and 3d

2º Term: Artistic expression

Unit 4: Point, line, plane.

Unit 5: Composition

Unit 6: Light and color.

Unit 7: Creative methods

3º Term: Audiovisual communication

Unit 8: Comics.

Unit 9: Visual analysis

Unit 10: Audiovisual language

Unit 11: Publicity

Unit 12: Film and new technologies


You can learn some new words playing with the following link. with all the units.


Youtube Playlist:

Interactive worksheets:

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