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Marie Goeppert-Mayer’s Webquest

Marie Goeppert Mayer

Marie Goeppert-Mayer was a very important physicist last century. She won a “Nobel” prize and worked in the California University as a teacher and researcher.

You are going to do an interview with her, you’ll have to send information in internet and to prepare the question you would like to do. You must give your teacher all the question before the meeting with her.


Imagine that you are a journalist in a scientific journal, you have to interview Marie and to know what she has discovered and how she won the nobel prize.

Prepare 1 question for each member of the group, you need to achiece information about:

  • Personal life
  • Her studies
  • Her work
  • Important mates

Give the question to your teacher.
The next day you’ll have the live interview with Marie Goeppert Mayer.
Your task will be to write an article with this structure:

  1. COVER with a drawing or photo of Marie
  2. Role assignaments:Is a collaborative task so you have to stablish the roles before doing anything*
  3. Interview, writing all the question done and the answers of Marie.
  4. A short paragraph explaining what did she discovered.

See you in the class!

*(SourceURL:https://serc.carleton.edu/introgeo/cooperative/roles.htmlStudent Roles)

  • Leader/Editor: This student is in charge of organizing the final product of the project, be it a paper, a presentation, etc. That doesn’t mean technical details, but of making sure that the project meets the standards set out by the instructor (often as a rubric), plus any extras stipulated by the group. These standards generally include punctuality and completeness.
  • Recorder/Secretary: This person takes notes whenever the group meets and keeps track of group data/sources/etc. This person distributes these notes to the rest of the group highlighting sections relevant for their parts of the project.
  • Checker: Someone needs to double-check data, bibliographic sources, or graphics for accuracy and correctness.
  • Spokesperson/Press Secretary/Webmaster: This person would be responsible for the technical details of the final product and would be ready to summarize the group’s progress and findings to the instructor and to other groups.